Is A Lawn From Seed Hard To Grow?

a lawn from seedA lawn from seed is not hard to grow, but it does take some patience. It will take time for the lawn to become fully filled in and it may take more than one seeding before you get the full, lush, green lawn you see in magazine layouts. However, if you have the patience you will be rewarded with a gorgeous lawn.

If you are starting a lawn from seed you will need to prepare the soil first. Rake over the soil to loosen at least the top ½ inch to an inch of soil. Remove any sticks, stones, or debris from the area you are going to be planting.

If the soil is quite compacted, apply our Aerating Liquid at least three days before planting, or buy or rent an aerating machine to get air into the soil.

Use a soil testing kit to check the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus levels in your soil. These are the three main nutrients that fertilizers contain, if the test shows that your soil needs fertilizer then apply it at least a week before you spread the grass seed to allow it to absorb into the soil.

You may also want to apply a plant food like Soil Booster Blend which is an all natural liquid plant food that supplies many of the nutrients needed for healthy plants and stimulates root growth. When you are sure that the soil is ready you need to make sure that the best possible grass seed is used for your area.

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You can combine our Summer Blend with the Soil Booster because it has a higher phosphorus content: perfect for fresh grass seed. In many cases you may want to consider a mixture of grass seeds as opposed to just one type. Grass seed mixtures often provide a better appearance and hardier lawn. Turf Alive! ® Brand Grass Seed Mixture is a good mixed grass seed that will stand up to children and other traffic.

You can spread the grass seed either with a hand-held spreader or a spreader that you push. For a lawn from seed that is fairly large, the walk behind spreader is probably a better option, just because it holds more grass seed at one time.

After you have spread the grass seed you will need to go back over your lawn and gently rake the seed into the soil. Water the area often until the grass has begun to sprout. It is best if you keep everyone off a lawn from seed until the grass has had time to establish a strong root system. If you notice areas where the seed does not seem to be growing it is fine to over seed those spots. No matter how careful you are there will be some areas where grass seeds are thin.

Give the lawn several weeks to establish the root system and then check for bare areas. If necessary over seed those areas where the grass appears thin or any bare patches you may find. At the end of the first month after grass begins to grow it is fine to add more of the plant food, but do not fertilize until the fall, allowing a deep root system to develop.

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