What Are the Best Aerators for Lawns?

aerators for lawnsThe best aerators for lawns are determined by the condition that your lawn is in. Aerators are generally used when the lawn becomes very compacted. When the soil in your lawn becomes extremely compacted it is difficult or impossible for the grass roots to penetrate the soil. It also creates difficulty for the water and air to penetrate the soil and reach the existing grass roots. It can be difficult to tell if you need to aerate your lawn.

  • If you know that there has been a lot of traffic on your lawn since the last time you aerated your lawn, you may need to aerate it again.
  • If you begin to notice brown patches in your lawn this could be a clue that you need to aerate. When water and air cannot reach the grass roots the grass dies out.
  • If you notice water runoff during rain or while you are watering your lawn this could mean that it is time to find the best aerators in your area. When water runs off the soil instead of absorbing into the soil, it is a sign that the soil has become compacted.

Free seasonal remindersSometimes the best aerators for lawns are mechanical. One option you may want to consider is the Billy Goat Tow Behind Aerator. This aerator attaches easily to a lawn tractor or ATV and can be used on any good-sized lawn. Mechanical aerators for lawns can come in many sizes and you can use them yourself or hire a lawn care service to use them for you. These are generally more effective if you have a large lawn or a business property that you need to keep looking green and healthy.

There are other choices when it comes to aerators for lawns. If you are looking for a more organic method of aerating your lawn you may want to consider Liquid Aerator Blend; this is a completely biodegradable blend that improves air and water penetration of your soil. Some of the benefits of using liquid aerators are:

  1. No need for mechanical aeration
  2. Reduces soil compaction
  3. Breaks up clay evenly
  4. Improves soil structure and humus formation
  5. Can be applied any time during the growing season
  6. Increases earthworm activity
  7. Will help bio-activate all soils

These are two of the best aerators available. Of course you could save yourself some money and simply spend a week or so walking around your lawn poking a long stick into the soil to aerate it, but this can get to be back-breaking labor very quickly.

Everyone would like to have the type of green velvety lawn that is shown in magazines and television. However, even the smallest lawn can be a compliment to your home and landscaping. It really doesn't take a lot of effort or money to create the kind of beautiful green lawn you desire. All it takes is knowledge: learn which aerators for lawns will work best for you and give your lawn a much needed boost.




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