How to Choose Athletic Field Markers?

Use these turf striping machines to make your athletic field markersI got a summer job at an athletic center in early 2002 and I was given the responsibility of being the assistant marker for the soccer field. My job involved marking the soccer field and taking care of all the markings on the soccer field. That's when I got interested in line marking equipment.

Just look into your local yellow pages and you will see several athletic field markers in the market. Not all of them are the same, some are good and others are fairly mediocre. You might say what's the difference, how different can they be?

When buying a marker you should look at

  • low maintenance
  • ease of use
  • easy to clean off the latex paint
  • and of course, longevity

You need to look at the pay off between an upfront payment and how long it is going to last. It might make better sense to buy an athletic field marker that costs $ 1000 and lasts 5 years than to buy one that costs $ 100 and lasts only one year.

Another factor you need to look at is how crisp a line can your equipment paint. The crispier the line, the better it will look on the field. The little things like crispiness will make your field look like a championship field or a high school amateur field. Little things like your athletic marker can make you look like a pro or an amateur.

Where to find the best suppliers of athletic field markers?

The most common place where most people find marking equipment is in the local yellow pages or a Google search. This is not always the best place. The reason I say this is because it is very difficult to know which is the best possible equipment. A demo of the equipment would be great. But how many suppliers can you do a demo with?

The best method to find good suppliers of marking equipment is through referrals, ask a friend or a colleague who has had a good experience with a field marker and follow up on that lead and check for yourself if it fulfills your purpose.

In my experience the best suppliers of this equipment is with an online company.

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