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World Of Lawn CareWho doesn’t want basic lawn care solutions that will result in healthy and green grass? Of course, without the knowledge of how to properly care for turf and the right tools and equipment, your lawn can rapidly turn from lush and green to dried out and brown.

For decades, property owners have struggled to keep their grass green and healthy – experimenting with fertilizers that were both unproductive and potentially harmful. Fortunately, highly specialized, non-toxic fertilizers and efficient spray equipment have dramatically improved basic lawn care.

In fact, with over 50 million acres of American land now covered with turf, the need for smart, environmentally-friendly fertilizers and “green” methods of caring for lawns has never been more important. Lawns play a vital role in our environment by helping to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen while filtering out pollutants in the air. They also help reduce both noise and energy consumption in urban areas.

At the heart of easy lawn care is the type of grass that’s used. To learn more about the right variety of grass for your particular climate, site, and needs, click here. Remember – you’ll require the least amount of fertilizer and pesticides when you start with a grass variety that fits your climate. Easy lawn care is truly about working with your climate, not against it!

Lawn care always begins with raking up accumulated leaves, twigs, and other debris. Leaves that collect on a lawn block much needed sunlight which can cause patches of dead grass.

Once you have a clean lawn, it’s time to mow. Make sure your mower has a sharp blade, and never cut more than 1/3 of the height of grass blades. While grass thrives when mowed, it does need surface area to stay healthy. Cutting too much will subject your grass to disease. Click here for more basic lawn care mowing tips.

After mowing is the best time to inspect your lawn for bare spots, potential disease, insect problems, and overgrowth of weeds.

One of the best ways to protect your turf and keep it healthy is to fertilize. Not only does fertilizer promote growth, it also helps to minimize damage during environmental stresses such as extreme heat, snow, and frost.

Free seasonal remindersAt World of Lawn Care, we highly recommend the use of organic lawn fertilizers which do not harm humans and pets and are actually beneficial to insects and other wildlife. Fertilizers from organic sources are much less likely to burn grass when applied and are a perfect addition to other organic basic lawn care supplements such as mulched lawn clippings and compost.

If you need help remembering when to fertilize, aerate, and do other lawn care tasks at the right time of year, we have a course of 4 seasonal reminder e-mails, provided to you for free.

Also, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-399-5562 or email us your lawn care question – at World of Lawn Care, we’re always happy to help.

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