3 Problems with Bluegrass Lawn Care

Free seasonal remindersThe first problem associated with bluegrass lawn care is that bluegrass itself is not a drought tolerant breed of grass. This means that if it is planted in a dry climate it is going to need watering often. Bluegrass originated in a warm moist area and that is what it needs to thrive and grow. This makes it a high maintenance lawn for any location that does not receive much rainfall. It is not recommended for dry areas because of the need for excessive watering: it is better to choose a grass bred for that type of climate.

The second problem is that older strains of bluegrass are not pest and disease resistant. Before people became more concerned with green lawns and landscaping, bluegrass was often planted in areas where it required a lot of watering. Since people are now becoming more concerned with the environment, newer strains of bluegrass have been developed that are more pest and disease resistant. If you have an older bluegrass lawn you may want to consider reseeding it with some of the newer strains, or starting over with a grass that is native to the area you live in.

The third problem is that bluegrass needs to be fertilized more often than other strains of grass. It requires a higher nitrogen level to remain healthy and grow properly. It is recommended that you fertilize it at least 4 times per year. It needs to be fertilized once in late fall, once in early spring and twice throughout the summer. This is a very high maintenance lawn in most areas.

Bluegrass is a cool season grass, so it does best in fall and spring.  In late spring, a fertilizer with a moderate amount of phosphorus is recommended, so apply Summer Blend (10-8-8) as your fertilizer of choice. Every other time of year, a lower phosphorus blend is better, so our Green Sustaining Blend (16-4-8) is the right organic fertilizer for that time.

A common problem with bluegrasses is that people apply too much phosphorus at the wrong time, which may cause iron chlorosis (the grass will turn yellow or whitish).  Quick Greening Blend is a liquid iron product that will help with this issue, especially because it is a chelated iron, which makes it more available to the plant.

Bluegrass lawns that are healthy and well cared for are beautiful. However, there are several options in grass strains that offer just as much beauty without the high maintenance levels required for bluegrass. If you love your bluegrass lawn, you can maintain it with our line of organic fertilizers.




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