What Causes Brown Patches in Lawn?

Brown patches in lawnThere are many things that can cause brown patches in lawn. Brown patches are not the same as bare patches. Brown patches are created when the grass dies and turns brown. Bare patches are spots where grass refuses to grow.

Some causes of brown patches in lawn:

  • Dull mower blade: Dull mower blades rip and tear grass blades instead of cutting them cleanly, this can severely damage the grass and cause it to die.
  • Scalping: mower blade set too low: When your lawn mower blade is set too low any slight rise in the lawn will cause the mower to cut too short, often hitting the soil. This damages the grass and roots and causes brown patches in lawn.
  • Chemical spills: Chemicals used to fertilize or for killing insects can cause brown patches if it is spilled on the grass.
  • Animal urine: Animal urine contains a high level of nitrogen. Diluted nitrogen is good for your grass but the amount found in most urine is too strong and kills off the grass.
  • Poor soil conditions: Poor soil conditions can occur in spots throughout your lawn. If the soil is in poor condition grass does not receive the nutrients it needs to stay green and healthy.
  • Buried debris: In some cases construction materials like boards or pipes are lost and buried under the soil in the yard. If this debris is close to the surface of the ground grass roots may not be able to survive there.
  • Erosion: Water pools and runs off areas of your lawn where dips and rises occur. Pooling water can drown out grass roots, while run off can carry grass seeds away from other areas. Both of these problems can cause brown patches in lawns.
  • Roots: Trees and large bushes normally draw most of the nutrients out of areas where they are planted causing brown patches where the grass does not receive the nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Drought: Lawns need at least one inch of water per week either through rainfall or irrigation. If they do not receive the proper amount of water even a drought tolerant grass can die.
  • Dormancy: Brown patches caused by dormancy usually mean that the type of grass in your yard is wrong for the area where you live. Cool temperature grasses will go dormant in the heat of summer and warm temperature grass will be dormant in the winter.
  • Thatch: Thatch or the build-up of decaying grass blades can become so thick that it chokes out the grass and kills it.
  • Grubs, Cinch Bugs, and other Insects: There are many types of insects that can cause damage to your lawn.
  • Fungal diseases: There are several funguses that can be harmful to your grass and they will generally appear when temperatures are very moist.

The only way to tell what is causing these brown patches is to do some detective work. If your problem is related to fungus treat brown patches in lawn with this product.




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