You Can Fix Brown Spot Lawn Syndrome

fix brown spot lawn syndromeYou can fix brown spot lawn syndrome. First you will have to discover which of the problems which can cause the spots is plaguing your lawn. A little detective work is called for. There are 13 common causes of brown spots in lawns. Most if not all of these causes have simple and easy cures.

Causes and cures to fix brown spot lawn syndrome:

  1. Dull mower blade: Sharpen your lawn mower blade every spring and midsummer to ensure that it is cutting cleanly and not damaging the grass blades.
  2. Scalping: mower blade set too low: Raise your lawn mower so that it is leaving grass at least 3 inches long. This will not only reduce scalping it will help reduce the amount of weeds in your yard.
  3. Chemical spills: When filling spray canisters or other containers used to spread fertilizer and insect killer make sure you do it in a utility sink or a driveway. Spills there are easy to clean up and will cause less damage. You could also consider changing from a chemical based product to an all natural one.
  4. Animal urine: This problem is harder to solve, it is hard to keep stray animals out of your lawn. One homemade solution is to spread a wide band of red pepper around the boundaries of your lawn. Dogs sniffing around will get a nose full and find other places to look.
  5. Poor soil conditions: These can often be improved by aerating your lawn. After aerating rake composted mulch into the holes created by the aeration.
  6. Buried debris: Poke a screwdriver into the brown spots and find out if there is something buried just under the surface. If you find debris remove it and reseed the area.
  7. Erosion: This is another problem that can be solved by aeration. When you aerate your lawn it allows water and nutrients to be absorbed into the soil instead of running off.
  8. Roots: You may want to consider a ring of mulch around trees and bushes. You could also build up flower beds around them to replace grass that will have a hard time growing there.
  9. Drought: The only way to cure this problem is with watering when necessary. Even the most drought resistant grasses need some water during hot summer months.
  10. Dormancy: Make sure that the grass seed you use is all either a warm or cool grass seed. Having both causes irregular growth, so having just one type should reduce brown patches due to having the wrong grass seed in the wrong area.
  11. Thatch: Aerating your lawn can help to break up thatch and allow the bacteria in the soil to finish decomposing it. Our dethatcher helps brown spot lawn syndrome.
  12. Grubs, Cinch Bugs, and other Insects: There are a variety of ways to remove harmful insects from your lawn. One you may want to consider is Grub-Away® Nematodes: this product will naturally remove most harmful pests from your lawn.
  13. Fungal diseases: There are many natural and chemical fungicides available.

A little detective work will allow you to fix brown spot lawn syndrome, often with no cost to you.




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