Preventative Care Lawn Mushroom Eradication

World Of Lawn CareWith the right care lawn mushroom infestations can be minimized.

These unsightly fruits of fungi living in your lawn’s soil can pop up very quickly, especially after a heavy rain. Also known as toadstools, mushrooms can be small to very large and often sprout up in clusters. Unlike many wild mushrooms in heavily forested areas that are extremely toxic and dangerous to consume, most lawn mushrooms are relatively benign. However, they aren’t particularly edible, so you won’t want to pick them for your next meal.

To develop, lawn mushrooms need a source of decaying matter to feed from such as mulch, rotting tree stumps, or animal waste. The more sources of food that you provide them, the bigger they will become.

Completely ridding your lawn of mushrooms is almost an impossible task. You can be diligent about your turf’s care, and lawn mushroom infestations can still occur if food sources remain present. Most people simply choose to pull them as they appear and consider mushroom removal a never-ending task of lawn care during the rainy months of the year.

There are numerous chemical treatments on the market that will kill mushrooms, but they are also only effective on killing mushrooms that have already appeared. They do not combat the fungi that produce the mushrooms.

World Of Lawn CareThe application of corn gluten, which also is a natural herbicide, can help minimize a mushroom problem. Yet, the best way to deal with mushrooms is to simply take a proactive approach to lawn care. Over-watering is one of the most common culprits along with poor drainage. Dethatching and aeration are also strategies that will help reduce the number of mushrooms on your lawn.

With a little extra work and care lawn mushroom infestations can be reduced effectively without the use of fungicides. To learn more about natural lawn care options, explore our site or give us a call. At World of Lawn Care, we’re happy to help both homeowners and lawn care professional take a more natural approach to maintaining turf.

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