How Property Managers And Owners
Can Take Charge Of Commercial Lawn Care

commercial lawn careCommercial lawn care is a critical part of the look of any property, be it office, mall, condo, motel, or place of worship. Rather than the expense of contracting the lawn maintenance out, property managers and owners can save money by taking charge of it themselves. Remember, the outside appearance of your property is the first thing people see and there is no one more invested in caring for your grounds than you are.

Benefits Of Taking Charge Of Your Turf

The financial savings are great. Not only do you save on hiring contractors, you also get the benefit of writing off the costs. From the purchase of fertilizers, soil improvers, and grass seed, to investing in equipment such as mowers, blowers, and trimmers that can be depreciated, you can save money, and there is the added benefit of timing and scheduling. When it comes to commercial lawn care, you know the best time to get the job done. Who wants mowers, blowers, and trimmers running when your property is full and busy? Plus, weather can keep a lawn maintenance company from showing up when scheduled, and rebooking disrupts your well-laid plans.

Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Commercial lawn care equipment follows the old adage "time is money". When you spend more money on machinery, you save time. However, that does not mean you need to run out and buy the latest, biggest, and best tools. Start with what you need to cover the basics, and you'll soon learn where you would benefit the most from upgrading. Plus, as you save money by doing the work yourself, you'll have the money saved to invest in the new equipment.

  • Lawn Mowers are the best place to start. This is the very basis of commercial lawn care and, since it's noisy, the very one you would like to schedule when it is least disruptive. To save time and money in fertilizing and clipping disposal, be sure to get a mulching/recycling turf mower that finely cuts the clippings and returns the perfect source of nitrogen back to the turf. For larger properties, investing in a riding mower will be essential to efficient lawn maintenance.
  • gas blowersGas Blowers are another must-have. Not only do they easily remove leaves and debris from your turf, they are also perfect for clearing sidewalks, laneways, and parking areas of mowing clippings. There are back-pack and wheeled versions, so be sure to consider which is the most efficient and cost-effective for the size of your property.
  • Lawn Maintenance Sprayers are good-to-have machines, whether you invest now, or in the future. They make the seasonal part of commercial lawn care simple and easy. Used to apply: liquid fertilizer, soil enhancements, dethatching liquid, aerating compound, and more. You can figure on applying aerator and dethatcher at least once a year.

    Fertilizing and soil enhancements need a minimum of 3 times a year, but for the health and lushness of your turf, your commercial lawn care schedule of soil care should be far more frequent.

    Bonus Use: Sprayers are also excellent for spraying plant-safe de-icer on your sidewalks, laneways, and parking areas.
  • Aerating Machines are for pulling cores of dirt from turf. This is done as you can not turn over the soil as you do in gardens and beds. Aerating is essential to eliminate soil compaction which allows air, water, and nutrition to get to the roots. This lawn maintenance needs to be done at least once a year, but depends on the amount of traffic the grass receives. Your options are to purchase an aerating machine, contract the work out, or use an aerating liquid.
  • Additional Tools For Commercial Lawn Care include a few more items. A weed wacker/trimmer for all the areas the mower can't reach, such as around trees, flower beds, curbs, and fences. An edger for straightening and evening the turf edges by concrete, asphalt, gardens, and flower beds. A rake for removing dead grass in spring, and for small jobs when the gas blower isn't necessary. A spreader for broadcasting lawn seed, and other dry applications.

Lawn maintenance for business properties does not have to be contracted out. When you as a manager or owner take over this job, you not only benefit financially by saving money, you can schedule work for the least disruptive times for your business. The money you save is perfect for investing in equipment that allows you to do the work more efficiently, saving you time, as well as money. The appearance of your property is the first impression you make on clients and customers, and who will care more for the lawn maintenance work than you? Isn't it time you took charge of doing your property's commercial lawn care?

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