Complete Lawn Care and What It Means

complete lawn careComplete lawn care is the process of looking at the whole lawn. This includes the soil, grass, products used, and maintenance required. If you are not used to caring for a lawn this may sound daunting. It really isn’t that difficult. The process is fairly simple whether you are dealing with a large or small lawn.

The first thing you need to look at is the soil you have. In the case of older established lawns this can be a problem. The soil can become used up. It may be necessary to replace some of the nutrients and minerals that have been removed from the soil throughout the life of the lawn. This is a common problem with older lawns that have not been properly maintained.

It is easy to fix this problem. There are several products on the market created especially to revitalize the soil without having to dig up your lawn and start over. One such product is an organic fertilizer. This is a three in one natural product that will not harm your pets or family. It not only provides the nutrients your soil may be lacking, it is an excellent source of fertilizer and plant food for your lawn.

Another simple fix for your soil is the common earthworm. The earthworm is Mother Nature’s aerator. Tunnels they dig through your soil allow water, nutrients, and air to reach the roots of your grass where they are needed. One clean and easy way to add more earthworms to your lawn is earthworm cocoons. An added benefit to additional earthworms is that the castings they leave behind add even more nutrients and minerals to the soil so once in place they reduce the need for repeated fertilization.

Once you have the soil conditioned you are well on the way to complete lawn care. As with any other project you need a solid base to work from. With your lawn this base is the soil. Next you should look at the grass itself. One easy way to ensure healthy strong grass growth is to check your lawn mower. Make sure the blade is sharp and be sure to use a mulching mower. Raise the mower to its highest setting; you want your grass to remain at least 3 inches in height.

Leaving your grass at least 3 inches tall reduces the number of weeds and allows the root system to grow deeper into the soil. This protects your lawn from drought conditions. A sharp blade provides a clean cut that helps your grass to resist disease, and by using a mulching mower you are replacing nitrogen that your lawn needs each time you mow. This is complete lawn care because it is an ongoing process that creates a healthy, strong lawn.

If you have noticed thin patches in your lawn that the other treatments did not repair you may need to consider overseeding your lawn in the fall. This should take care of any thin patches in the spring so that you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful green lawn. All of this can be achieved through complete lawn care.




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