Why Use Corn Gluten For Lawns?
6 Answers You Need To Know

corn gluten for lawns is safe for petsEveryone wants to have a green, healthy, weed-free lawn without using harmful chemicals or by doing back-breaking weeding. Corn gluten for lawns can do this for you naturally, safely, and easily. It works on plants like crabgrass, dandelions, lambquarters and more.

Here are six answers for why this herbicide is the best way to have that great yard.

Why is corn gluten safe to use? There are many organic and natural products out there, but not everything in nature is safe to eat! However, this product comes from the milling of corn and is often used in animal feed for dogs and cows. There are no worries for any of the people, pets, or wildlife that spend time on your lawn.

How does this herbicide kill weeds? Corn gluten acts like a blanket that you water into your lawn. When seeds start to sprout, the roots are stopped from growing by drying them out, and the plants die. Corn gluten for lawns acts as a pre emergent, meaning it stops seeds from growing into plants. Nothing could be simpler.

Download our guide to organic weed controlWhat weeds are prevented? This pre emergent works on crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, smartweed, dandelions, redroot pigweed, purslane, lambsquarter, foxtail, barnyard grass and Bermuda grass. Every year you apply will show improvement in getting rid of these unwanted plants. Preventing seeds from growing is far better than repeatedly digging the invading plants out.

When is the best time to use it? Since this works by killing the roots of seeds when they start to grow, apply when the weed is known to sprout. For instance, crabgrass sprouts in spring so that's the best time to attack. Corn gluten for lawns works for 4 to 6 weeks too, so you can reapply to get the next batch of seeds.

Free seasonal remindersIs this good for the lawn? Remember, this is a food, and its nitrogen level is about 9%, so yes! This is a true weed and feed product. Your grass not only gets protection from intruding plants, but gets the perfect food to grow strong and green. Nothing could be easier and safer to use.

What shouldn't you do? Very simply, do not seed your lawn at the same time as you use this herbicide. What works on the weed seeds also works on lawn seed, so they won't sprout either. Choose another time to seed your lawn. Aerating your lawn should be left for another time as well, since holes in this blanket of protection will leave room for invading plants to get in and grow.

With these six questions answered, you're armed with all you need to know to weed and feed your lawn. This herbicide is safe to use because it is a natural food product. It is nutritious for the grass as it is a great source of nitrogen. Most important of all though, it is deadly to the roots of new weeds. This makes corn gluten for lawns the best choice for your yard.




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