Why Aren’t You Using Corn Gluten Meal To Stop Weeds?

Corn Gluten Meal kills weeds and feeds your existing grass and plants!Here’s a really simple way to stop weeds before they start: use corn gluten meal. After all, rooting out unwanted plants by hand is not only hard work, but unrewarding as they keep coming back. This pre emergent kills at the start, and that means you don’t have to repeat your labors.

There are many reasons to choose this herbicide to do that job: let’s look at the top seven.

  1. Safe for you and the environment. We all want to do what we can to stop harming the planet, but we still want to have a yard to be proud of. Why can’t there be a way to have both? This product is a way to have it all because it’s a food byproduct. When corn is ground, there is a powder produced, and this powder is your herbicide. (By the way, it’s also used in animal feed, that’s how safe it is!)

  2. Kills weeds when they sprout. Amazingly, corn gluten meal stops seeds from growing a healthy root by drying it out. Without legs to stand on, the plant can not take hold and is stopped before it has a chance to start.

  3. Perfect food for your plants. Not only does this pre emergent stop weeds before they start, it feeds the plants you do have and want to nurture. Containing nearly 10% nitrogen makes it a perfect food for your yard, creating healthy plants that are stronger and greener.

  4. Easy to use. Spread, water in, and you are done. Corn gluten meal acts like a shield to prevent seeds from sprouting. All it needs to work is to be watered in, activating your shield of protection. After, you want to let the surface dry out, helping even more to dry the weed’s roots up.

  5. Download our guide to organic weed controlOnly two things NOT to do. One is to remember this herbicide kills seeds, so don’t plant seeds at this time. If you are planning to over seed your lawn, do so another time. Secondly, keep the shield idea in mind, and don’t aerate your lawn. This will puncture your protection and give an opening for unwanted plants to creep in.

  6. Many types of weeds are killed. Crabgrass, dandelions, and lambsquarter are handled by this pre emergent, as well as foxtail, barnyard grass, creeping bentgrass, smartweed, redroot pigweed, purslane, and Bermuda grass. That is a whole host of invasive plants you can stop before they start.

  7. Naturally organic. This pre emergent is a food byproduct, and that’s as natural as it can get. No need to worry over having a bag of chemicals in your shed, this organic herbicide gives you peace of mind.

With these seven benefits, using a natural herbicide that is a true weed and feed is a simple choice. There is no downside for your yard or for the environment. So ask yourself why aren’t you using corn gluten meal for your weeds?




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