Tips for Cutting Grass in Your Lawn

When it comes to cleaning the home, many people find this as a chore. Not to mention, if they need to go and do the tiring task of cutting grass in the lawn. For this reason, many people look for articles that can help them with this task. Here are some of the things you will need if you are going to cut the grass in your lawn:

Your Lawnmower

In order for you not to have a hard time mowing your lawn, it is important that your lawnmower is properly maintained. You need to keep the blades sharp so you will have no trouble cutting off the grass in a clean manner. Once the blades of the mower are blunt, the grass can get torn off. Once this happens, the edges can go brown. This is why you need to remove the stones in your yard before you start the task.

One alternative to costly dethatching equipment is an all-natural liquid solution: the Thatch Blend Lawn Dethatcher. This pet-friendly, kid-friendly, planet-friendly product is simply sprayed onto areas that have thatch.

Because it’s environmentally sound, it’s safe to use in sprayers or tanks – it won’t corrode them.

By breaking up thatch, air and water can get back to the roots of your lawn and help them grow deeper and stronger. Thatch breaks down and turns into rich, dark soil.

Cutting Height

There are a lot of people who make the common mistake of cutting grass too short. This usually occurs during drought times. The reason why it is recommended to leave grass a bit longer, is so the grass will have a better chance of producing a healthy root system. As a result, its deep roots will be able to survive during the adverse weather. Generally, the ideal height encouraged for lawns is that the grass should not be lower than 2 inches.

Mowing Tips

When you're about to cut grass in your lawn, you have to remember that cutting it while it is wet is not a recommended. This is because wet clippings have a tendency of accumulating under the hood of the mower. As a result, the mower can get clogged. This is why the expert mowers advise people to leave the clippings on the yard every second cut.

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