Dethatching Your Lawn The Right Way

dethatching your lawnWhen it comes to dethatching your lawn, you need to use the right type of products that will provide you with the best results possible. Thatch can cause a lot of harm to our lawns and it is very important that we use dethatching products that will work hard to get the job done so that new grass will be able to grow and our soil will be replenished and able to support the grass and plants that make up our yards.

Thatch build up can cause some major problems. That is why World of Lawn Care provides you with various organic and all-natural dethatching products so that you can get your yard looking great again in less time. By using organic liquid lawn dethatcher throughout the growing season, you will be providing your lawn with an abundance of healthy microbes that will decrease the amount of thatch in your yard over time, allowing your grass to grow faster and be much healthier than it was in the past.

You can sign up for our helpful seasonal lawn care guide on our website and learn more about various ways that the products offered at World of Lawn Care can help you keep your lawn looking great using all-natural products that are safe for the environment and safe to use around your children and pets.

How to use a Liquid Dethatcher

Liquid dethatcher seems to a popular choice amongst many home owners because it is very simple and easy to use. Simply spray the product over your lawn using a basic water hose and spray bottle attachment to get the dethatching process on its way. The microbes that are found in liquid dethatching products will get to work, feeding on all of the dead plant cells found in the thatch and reducing the amount of thatch that is lying on top of fresh new grass.

The process of dethatching your lawn is the only way to get rid of the harmful thatch layer that prevents nutrients, oxygen and water from getting down into the soil so that it can help new blades of grass to grow. Thatch layers provide the perfect home for many pathogens and harmful insects that can cause damage or spread diseases to all types of plants, including grass. So if you want your lawn to be vibrant and healthy, dethatching is the way to go.

Organic and All Natural

The all natural organic components that are found in the liquid dethatcher products that are sold through World of Lawn Care are made out of natural ingredients that help to reduce soil erosion, increase the water holding capacity of the soil and help to resist the harmful effects from drought. These components can also help to improve the condition of the seedbed and also improve the soil workability.

By regularly dethatching your lawn, you will be able to stay ahead of the problems that come along with thatch buildup and eliminate this harmful collection of dead plant cells, roots, and other debris from occurring in your lawn. Protect your grass today by purchasing a helpful dethatching product to use this growing season.




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