Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Can Help You Grow Your Grass Safely

World Of Lawn CareWorld of Lawn Care specializes in cost-efficient and environmentally friendly lawn care solutions that have been developed specifically to help preserve natural resources while preventing waste and pollution. We highly encourage both property owners and professional lawn care contractors to make ecologically sound decisions regarding landscaping, waste generation, and disposal that can reduce the negative impact on water, air, and soil.

At World of Lawn Care, we advise everyone who maintains lawns to choose nontoxic and organic products that are not harmful to the environment. We will soon be introducing our line of natural organic fertilizer that is safe to use around children and pets.

Free seasonal remindersBesides using more eco-friendly products on your lawn, there are also some fundamental ways to improve its overall sustainability. From investing in a mulching mower that enables you to “grasscycle” to watering deeply, but infrequently; you can reduce your consumption of natural resources and still have a healthy lawn.

We all have choices when it comes to landscaping. And, environmentally friendly lawn care is not just feasible; it’s highly effective once you are knowledgeable on how to best achieve your desired results without harmful chemicals and practices.

Do you have a specific question? Whether you are a landscaper looking to transition to “greener” service offerings or a homeowner simply wanting to reduce your family’s exposure to pesticides and fertilizers, feel free to call our expert team. We’re happy to help you with free advice and solutions to grow beautiful, “green” grass.

Give us a call toll free today at 1-866-399-5562 or email us your question. You’ll get answers to your lawn care questions that you can count on!

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