Simplifying Fall Lawn Care

World Of Lawn CareAn investment in fall lawn care is essential to keeping your turf in healthy condition all year long.

Interestingly, many property owners back off from caring for their lawns during the cooler autumn months. A common belief is that grass doesn’t need care once tree leaves begin to drop. However, how you care for your lawn in the fall can dramatically impact its condition when it resumes its growing cycle in the spring.

To begin with, lawns are vulnerable to a variety of diseases once the temperatures begin to drop. Keep an eye out for patches of white, tan, or brown patches that can signal mold growth. The use of a lawn fungicide may be necessary to stop its growth. An application of an organic fertilizer can also reduce the spread of mold while stimulating root growth. Mid to late October is the ideal time to apply a dose of fertilizer.

Another key component to autumn lawn care is raking and removing fallen leaves. Contrary to popular belief, they do not protect grass over the winter and can actually hinder growth in the spring. When you do clear the leaves from your lawn, don’t just throw them in the trash. Instead, use them to create a compost pile which will produce useful organic material which works in conjunction with organic fertilizer.

Free seasonal remindersIf you have areas of dead grass, fall lawn care should also include over seeding or sodding. We highly recommend the use of a hydro-seeding unit that can consistently spread seeds over a lawn for both first-time seeding and for repairing existing lawns. Except in very warm climates, seeding should be completed by mid to late September.

At World-of-Lawn-Care, we will be introducing a variety of specialized solutions and equipment in the very near future that are designed specifically for all of your lawn care needs. Please bookmark our website’s URL and check back often as we continue to expand our service and product offerings.

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