Fall Lawncare: 8 Steps for Winterizing Your Lawn

fall lawncareA good solid lawn in spring gets its start in the fall; this is why a fall lawncare plan is crucial to success. These tips will have you cutting your work in the spring down and getting a better return of the lush green lawn you've worked so hard on!

Step 1: Mower height

You will want to raise up your mower so when you are cutting you only cut about the top 1/3rd of the grass blades. This will help keep the ground shaded and that means you can reduce how often you water the lawn. You want to have a nice, warm blanket on the lawn for the winter, so shade and length are two things to look for.

Step 2: Using less water

With the cooler months and slower growth you can cut back on how often you water your lawn.

Free seasonal reminders Step 3: Mowing less

This goes hand in hand with less water. Cooler weather means less water and less mowing!

Steps 4 & 5: Fertilizer and re-seeding

These two really go together; you want to apply both to areas that are dead, sunburnt or weaker than the rest of the lawn. Typically you want to apply fertilizer in the early fall/late summer. Then again in the late fall you will want to apply a dormant fertilizer which will slowly release nitrogen over the winter months.

Step 6: Insects

Insects serve a purpose but not when they are damaging your lawn! Keeping track of them and addressing areas that are damaged is a crucial part of your fall lawncare plan.

Step 7: Aerating

Your lawn will get compacted as time goes by both naturally and as you use it, so when your soil gets too compacted, you will need to aerate. This will help the water and fertilizer reach the roots.

Step 8: Winterizing

You will want to winterize all of your equipment, mowers, trimmers, as well as your hand tools and make sure everything is properly sharpened. Also, you will want to winterize your irrigation system, if you have one, as well as draining and storing any hoses.

This simple 8-step fall lawncare plan will have you ready for the coming winter months and have your lawn ready for the spring.

If 8 steps seem like too many, I'd advise you to focus on fertilizing first and foremost. We offer a Winter Fertilizer Blend that you can apply in late fall to winterize your lawn safely and naturally. It helps ensure that your lawn has the minerals it needs to hibernate properly.

You can add our Soil Booster Seaweed Fertilizer in early spring to reactivate the micro-organisms in the lawn.

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