Is Organic Fertilizer Really Better For Your Lawn?

Use organic fertilizers on your lawn and gardens to make sure you do the best for the environmentThere is some controversy over organic fertilizer as opposed to chemical fertilizer. Some people believe that organic fertilizer is always the better choice, while other people swear by the chemical fertilizers that they have been using for years. The fertilizer that you choose to use on your lawn and garden is totally up to you. However, there are some dangers that you should be aware of when using a chemical fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizers can be dangerous to wildlife. This includes birds, squirrels, chipmunks, toads, frogs, bats, and any other wildlife in the area where you live. The chemicals can also be dangerous to house pets like cats and dogs that normally are allowed outside. The chemicals may also damage or kill off the beneficial insects in your yard. If you use a chemical fertilizer you may have to keep your children off the lawn for several days to ensure that the chemicals are absorbed and can no longer harm them.

There is also the detrimental effect that chemicals can have on the environment. They can leech through your soil and become contaminants in your water supply. If you have a pond or lake nearby, they can leak into these water supplies as well causing damage or death to the fish that live there and wildlife that drink from them.

Organic fertilizer on the other hand is made from natural materials. They depend on naturally occurring processes like composting to provide the minerals and nutrients that your lawn and garden need. They are not in any way dangerous to animals or children, although they probably shouldn't be eaten by small children. No matter which type of fertilizer you use, you can generally plan on having to apply fertilizer twice a year or as needed.

Organic fertilizer may not be any better for your lawn than a chemical fertilizer would be; however, they are better for both the world you live in and your family's health. These are two of the reasons that most people give for switching to an organic fertilizer. It may not seem to matter what you use on your lawn because it is such a small area, but every little bit really does help.

If you are considering using organic fertilizer on your lawn you may want to try a product such as High-Traffic Blend, which is an excellent fertilizer for the areas of your yard that get walked on the most. Depending on the time of year, you may want to consider a blend specifically formulated for that season such as Winter Fertilizer or Summer Blend. They are all organic and have been formulated to create the best results for the seasonal fertilizing that you may need to do.

There is really no "one best way" when it comes to caring for your lawn and garden. Each person must make their own choice. However, considering the benefits that you and your family can enjoy by using organic fertilizers, is there really any reason not to use them?




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