When Fertilizing Grass Seed Is Necessary

Fertilizing grass seed with organic productsThe best way to decide when fertilizing grass seed is needed is to test your soil. You can buy a soil testing kit and do the test yourself or collect soil samples from around your yard and send them to be tested by an expert. Next you would look at whether you are starting a lawn from scratch with grass seed or just filling in bare patches.

If you are filling in patches then you will probably not need to worry about fertilizing grass seed as you apply it. Consider when the last time you fertilized your lawn was and go from there. If you have not yet fertilized it this year then apply fertilizer and lawn food at least a week before you consider spreading the grass seed. You want it to have time to absorb into the soil before you spread new grass seed over it. This is also true if you are starting a new lawn from seed. You need to let the fertilizer absorb into the soil before applying the grass seed.

If you are worried about the chemicals found in many fertilizers you may want to use a product like Soil Booster Blend. This is an all natural fertilizer and plant food combination. Many people have learned that all natural products are a better choice both for their families and pets and the earth itself. There are many products on the market now that are just as effective as the better known chemical based ones that will not harm your lawn or family. This can be an important consideration when you are choosing fertilizers and plant foods.

Free seasonal remindersFertilizing grass seed is best done in the fall when the fertilizer has all winter to break down and be absorbed by the root system. The benefits of this are seen in the fall when your lawn grows lush and green. This will also help to reduce the number of weeds in your lawn. Using grass seed fertilizer in the spring is more likely to encourage the growth of weeds.

Spring can be a good time to spread a pre-emergent weed killer over the lawn. Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer is one all natural choice for controlling weeds before they take over your lawn. However, if you have just seeded your lawn you need to wait 4 to 6 weeks before using this product. Many weeds germinate in the fall leaving them ready to burst into a growth spurt as soon as spring arrives. Pre-emergent weed killers stop them from getting a head start on your grass.

You may want to do a soil sample test before deciding on fertilizing grass seed. If you fertilized in the fall before snow fell then it is probably not necessary to re-fertilize in the spring. Over fertilizing grass seed can be as harmful as not fertilizing enough. When you do a soil test you may find that you only need to add one of the nutrients to your soil rather than the combination of all three that are generally found in lawn fertilizers.




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