What to Look For In Field Paint

field paintField paint or athletic field marking paint is used in stadium and ball fields to clearly mark and outline the playing area and specific points. Field paint needs to be as accurate as possible which also means that it needs to be able to last through hours of game play without fading or stripping. Therefore you want to find the best field paint that you can if you are in charge of managing the fieldÂ’s appearance for the upcoming season.

Choosing the right type of field paint is a very important process for organizers. The field has to be able to last all throughout the pre game celebration as well as the game itself without any damages to it before the end of the game. And the markings will have to be perfectly accurate and exactly like the specifications provide in order for the game to be fair. If markings do not show up well, there could be problems for both teams involved.

Your Turf Type

When you are shopping around for field paint, the first thing that you will need to consider when deciding on which type is best is the type of turf that your field is made up of, natural or synthetic. If the right paint is not used for your specific type of turf, then you will definitely end up with some problems before the end of the first game.

There are many different types of field paint on the market today; you can find it in spray form as well as in typical paint form. There are quite a few factors that one must consider when it comes to locating the best type of field paint to use. You need to think about convenience, the purpose that you will be using the field paint for and how easy (or not so easy) the paint is to use.

Type of Field Paint

Most field paints are put into two categories, synthetic and natural. This is not to be confused with the type of turf you will be using the paint on. This is referring to the make up of the paint itself and not what you use it on. Synthetic paints are made with engineered molecules, precipitated calcium carbonate, blanc fix and other chemicals that could be potentially harmful. Natural paints are usually made out of natural clays, mica and talc with fewer man-made chemicals inside.

Natural field paints are not necessarily better to use than synthetic paints. The type of paint that you choose depends on the type of turf that you have. Natural paints are typically used on all natural turfs while synthetic paints will sometimes work best on synthetic turfs.

Oil based field paints used to be very popular when it came to marking ball fields. However these days more people are using water-based paints instead. You should always do a little research before you make a final decision on what type of field paint you would need to use. A paint supply company should be able to assist you with making this decision and provide you with more information on why one type of paint will work better than another for your particular situation.




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