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Corn Gluten Meal kills weeds and feeds your existing grass and plants!The idea of garden lawn care may sound strange. Think of your lawn as the background for your garden and it begins to make more sense. No matter how beautiful your garden is if the lawn is not as well cared for it will detract from the overall picture. Even the most beautiful flower garden needs a well cared for and lush lawn to show it off.

Garden lawn care can be fairly simple. Many of the nutrients that your garden needs are the same as the ones that your lawn requires to remain healthy. This prevents you from having to purchase separate products for the lawn and garden. No matter what is growing in your soil whether garden or grass it will be using up the minerals in the soil, so you will need a good replacement product to ensure the continued health of your plantings.

Your lawn care program should start with a product like Soil Booster Blend, which is a natural product that replaces many of the nutrients plants need to flourish. As plants grow they use up many of the nutrients and minerals found naturally in soil. This is why after several years your garden or lawn may begin to look tired or not grow as well as it did in previous years. This product provides beneficial microbes and nutrients that are needed for healthy plant growths, as well as helping the plants resist common diseases.

Free seasonal remindersAnother often overlooked aid in caring for your garden's lawn is the lowly earthworm. The earthworm is nature’s aerator. The tunnels they dig as they go about their normal lives create the air pockets needed for healthy root systems. They create passages for nutrients and water to reach the roots of your plantings without the need of heavy machinery to aerate your lawn. Many people do not care for the look of the earthworms but they provide a necessary service for your lawn and garden. One way to ensure that you have the necessary number of earthworms is Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons TM. These are easy to spread and beneficial to any lawn or garden. They offer the added benefit of not having to deal with slimy, wiggly worms.

If earthworms aren't your thing, our Liquid Aerator is great for garden lawn care.

One other product that is often not mentioned when speaking of garden lawn care is Kelp Spray and Meal. This all natural component can be used on all garden and lawn areas whether you are raising flowers or vegetables they will love this product. It is perfectly safe for all your plants and will not harm pets or children. There are none of the dangerous chemical additives that are found in many types of plant food to worry about. The spray will not burn your plants so you can apply it anytime you are watering your plants.

You could also choose to add the meal to your garden patch in the spring when you are loosening the soil for planting. This versatile product provides natural minerals and nutrients to encourage beautiful garden lawn care.




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