Grass Care Tips for a Beautifully Managed Lawn

grass care tipsDespite the fact that there are a number of homeowners who have their own lawn, they do not know how to properly take care of their grass. They need to know important grass care tips in order for their lawn to be always at its best. By having a preventative maintenance plan, even though it’s simple, will help you make sure that your lawn is always on its top condition.

Here are some grass care tips:

  • When starting with a new lawn, it is only understandable that you will be spending some money during the first few months. However, you have to think of these expenses as your investment. It is important for you to invest money in your soil so that you can improve its quality.

    Keep in mind that grass best grows in areas where there is a well drained mixture of sand, topsoil and organic matter which is several inches deep. If you are growing plants during winter, make sure you remove the hard packed snow patches as well as rake the old thatches so your grass can breathe. After that, place a specially formulated soil for your lawn.

  • If it’s necessary, seed the lawn. The same concept goes with fertilizer. There are several grass care tips that will tell you to buy quality grass seeds so that you can have a thicker lawn. If you have bare spots, patch them using a good quality mixture. This advice is also needed if you are spreading seeds in late fall or early spring.

    Make sure that the seed touches the soil. Do this by raking lightly and applying water and starter fertilizer.

  • Control any sighting of lawn crabgrass. If you had a recent encounter with crabgrass last year, make sure that you apply a solution for crabgrass preventer during early spring. This will control the problem the moment it starts germinating.
  • Other experts will tell you about the importance of grass care tips. One of the main problems with grass is having too many broadleaf weeds. The moment you spot a few weeds in your lawn, spot-treat them using a weedout formula. However, if your lawn has already been taken over by weeds, you have to use a specially made fertilizer that will get rid of the problem.
  • When it comes to watering your lawn, only do so when it is needed. Don’t be too frightened that the top surface of your soil will dry out. This is actually a good thing because it will encourage the deep-rooted and stress-tolerant grass.
  • Do not depend on using weed killers, especially if your lawn does not need them. Instead, you can use a regular lawn fertilizer every 10-12 weeks. This will keep your lawn healthy.

When you choose to follow the grass care tips mentioned above, you are setting yourself up for what you need to expect out of your lawn. As always, a beautifully managed lawn takes time to achieve. With the right tips, knowledge, tools, and attitude, you’ll be sure to do just fine.




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