Five Basic Grass Lawn Care Tips To Get The Perfect Lawn

Corn Gluten Meal kills weeds and feeds your existing grass and plants!Let’s look at the basics of grass lawn care. It is easy to get lost in the variety and complexity of lawn care products on the market today. You just have to keep in mind that all those products are being advertised to make money for someone else. Just because they sell them doesn’t mean you need to buy them in order to have a beautiful green grass lawn.

The good news is, it does not have to be complicated. There are 5 basic steps that can help you to achieve the beautiful green lawn that you are looking for.

  1. Height of grass: This one simple step can create a healthier and weed free lawn even if you ignore the rest of the steps. Leave your grass at least 3 inches tall. When you cut grass lower than 3 inches you create a problem. Extremely short grass spends all its time trying to grow taller instead of building up a deep root system. By leaving the grass at least 3 inches in height you allow your lawn to grow a deeper root system that helps to protect it from water shortages and reduces the time you have to spend watering it.

  2. Free seasonal remindersOverseeding: For optimal grass lawn care you should overseed, or spread more grass seed in the fall. This allows your lawn to burst forth in the spring with no bare patches or thin areas. It also reduces drastically the amount of weeds that you will have in your lawn. Grass sprouts earlier in the spring than weeds do. If you overseed in the fall the grass will force out the weeds.

  3. Feeding: Grass lawn care may include necessary food; this is not the same as fertilizer. Grass food often contains mineral supplements that are used up from your soil. There are several kinds of mineral supplements that can be used. You can find many of them in natural forms that will not harm pets, children, or wildlife.

  4. Aeration: If you have a lot of heavy traffic on your lawn you may want to consider aerating it once every couple of years. This is not as difficult as you may think. There are several good liquid aerators such as Aerator Blend which is an all natural mixture that is safe for your lawn.

  5. Dethatching: Grass lawn care can include dethatching from time to time. This is generally needed more for older lawns. As the years pass thatch builds up at the top of the soil blocking water and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. Using a product like Dethatcher Blend, which is an all natural liquid, in the fall, will help to ensure that thatch does not build up and damage your lawn.

These 5 simple grass lawn care tips can help you to create a lawn that you will be proud to show off to your friends. Most of the work can be done late in the fall so that you can spend the spring and summer enjoying your lawn.




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