Learn The Secret of Safe And Easy Grass Weed Control

Crabgrass preventerDoes it seem like the only two choices are to use chemicals or to have a lawn full of weeds? That simply isn't true. There is a safe and easy way to have that lush green lawn by using corn meal gluten. First, let's dispel three common myths about grass weed control.

There's no hope of controlling weeds since seeds blow in from everywhere. It is true that seeds can be blown in from miles away, but it's not true that you can't control them. By using a pre emergent herbicide you can stop those seeds from ever emerging to become weeds.

Controlling weeds without chemicals is too difficult. Absolutely untrue! Corn meal gluten is a food byproduct that is safe to use and easier than chemicals since you don't have to wear protection. No need to keep people and pets off your lawn, and no need to worry about storing in a safe place.

Organic means constantly pulling out weeds by hand. This is a half truth. Yes, it's the best way of ridding yourself of mature plants, but by killing new plants before they start there won't be constant weed pulling by hand. This is the way to break the lifecycle of weeds, and make your life easier.

With those three myths out of the way, let's move on to the three things you should know to get the lawn you want, without using chemicals.

Download our guide to organic weed control How corn meal gluten gets the job done. This byproduct of milling corn, is also a food source used in animal feed. When this food is used on lawns it attacks seedling roots by drying them up. Without a healthy root, the plant has no hope of growing and quickly dies off. This is the best kind of grass weed control since it doesn't matter how many seeds blow onto your lawn.

When and how to use this pre emergent herbicide. When is a matter of timing for the weed you're trying to kill. Dandelions & crabgrass are big growers in springtime, so that is when you'd use this. To get the best effect, after spreading the herbicide, lightly water it in to activate this shield of protection. After that, make sure not to puncture your shield, so don't pull weeds or aerate your lawn. Also, overseeding your lawn with grass seed won't work, they too will fail to thrive.

Free seasonal reminders The weeds controlled are: Dandelions, crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, smartweed, redroot pigweed, purslane, lambsquarter, foxtail, barnyard grass and Bermuda grass. That's a lot of bang for your grass weed control buck!

It's so tempting to throw up your hands and let your yard look 'natural' but no one enjoys having a lawn that looks like a hotbed for weeds. A healthy green lawn is not any more difficult now, than it was by using chemicals. With a little know how, it can be done safely, easily, and without harming the environment. Now you are ready for a great looking yard with this grass weed control strategy.




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