A Green Franchise: Lawn Care & Landscaping Business Opportunities

green franchiseLong before the environmental movement used the term green, it was used to refer to the lawn and landscaping industry. A green franchise can include your basic lawn mowing/maintenance service, sod installation, weed/pest control and general care. However, it can also include landscape design, care, and landscape architectural services. With such a variety it is no wonder that there are franchise opportunities in the industry.

The two biggest green businesses are landscaping and lawn maintenance and within each there are numerous opportunities. As a green entrepreneur you would be able to approach homeowners who cannot design their own landscaping, new owners who want to upgrade their existing landscaping, and of course residential/commercial construction companies that do not have a landscape designer on staff. With lawn maintenance you customers can include retirees, seasonal residents, and rental properties as well as potentially contracting with your local government, historically sites, universities or cemeteries to care for their properties.

With the lure of working for yourself and opportunities in the green industry, you can choose to start your own business from scratch without assistance or you could research your options and consider a green franchise. The benefits often come in the way of training and support, mentorship and in some cases financing for your equipment. With that in mind, perhaps one of these franchises is the best solution for your new business.

Many franchises have requirements such as royalty fees, operating guidelines, hours available and green franchises are not any different. While the benefits of buying a franchise are enticing, what if you could buy into a franchise without any of those restrictions? Better still what if you could receive a lawn care franchise plan without fees, contracts or strings?

World of Lawn Care has a variety of products and services to make a green franchise a reality for you. From our Business Marketing Package, which includes templates for business cards, flyers, door hangers, and a complete marketing strategy guide, to our Lawn Care Contractor’s Package, we have the expertise to help you launch your own business, without being tied to another company.

The freedom of owning your own company means that you can choose the products you use, and you can ensure that all the products you use in your company are all-natural, organic, green products that won’t harm children, pets, the environment, or you!

Call us today at 1-866-399-5562 to find out how to get started with your own company and live the dream of an environmentally friendly business that you can feel proud of.




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