Ensure Green Grass in the Spring With These Tips

green grassWith the cold winter months stretching out to seemingly endless lengths, many people are craving the sight of green grass. The first sight of green in the spring is always welcome after the cold of winter. While the snow is still on the ground you can begin to plan your spring lawn care. Some simple planning now can make your lawn care projects much easier when the snow finally melts off.

One of the first things you may want to consider is the type of fertilizer you will use on your lawn in the coming year. If you have not yet switched over to organic lawn care this could be a great addition to your lawn care program. One product that you may want to consider is Green Sustaining Blend. This all-natural product is easy and effective to use on your lawn. It is completely water-soluble and will not damage your grass. The fact that it is an all-natural blend means that it is safe for the environment and your family.

Many people are turning to organic lawn care products to ensure healthy green grass throughout the summer months. The benefit of organic lawn care products is that they are effective, reasonably priced, and safe for animals and children. They offer a natural way to ensure that your lawn is healthy and safe for your family while still providing that beautiful green lawn that you are striving for.

Free seasonal remindersSpring and fall are both excellent times to fertilize your lawn. For the perfect green lawn without all the weeds that can detract from it, you may also want to consider a pre-emergent weed killer in the spring. Even if you have over-seeded in the fall, you could probably benefit from an early application of weed killer at least for the first year. Fall over-seeding of your lawn will help cut back on weeds and offer a beautiful green grass lawn, but it could take a year or so for it to really eradicate all the weeds.

If you have a special outdoor occasion coming up and just want to give your lawn that extra special green grass look, you may want to consider using an extra application of the Green Sustaining Blend; its high nitrogen content will increase the color of your grass quickly. This quick and easy product can be applied while you are watering your lawn. Of course one of the easiest ways to ensure a healthy lawn is to make sure your grass is deeply rooted.

The easiest way to ensure that grass is deeply rooted is to make sure your lawn mower is set on its highest setting when cutting. You really want the grass to remain at least 3 inches long. This allows the grass to establish a deep root system which means less water and a healthier lawn overall. Cutting your grass short just means a lot more work on your part to try to keep it healthy.

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