6 Steps to Easy Home Lawn Care

home lawn careHome lawn care does not have to be difficult. Literally anyone can have a beautiful, lush lawn. People often make the mistake of thinking that home lawn care will be difficult or expensive if they want to achieve a full green lawn. This is not the case, in fact some people may spend much more than they need to for their lawn care.

Following these 6 easy steps can provide you with a beautiful, lush, green lawn that your neighbors will envy.

  1. Choose a grass seed that is right for your area: This is possibly the most important thing to consider with lawn care. If you live in an area that does not receive much water then planting grass seed that requires a lot of water is a sure way to fail. There are many types of grass seed that have been specially developed to do well in different conditions. Choose one that is engineered for the weather conditions where you live.
  2. Feed your lawn: A product like Soil Booster Blend All-Natural Fertilizer will ensure a healthy green lawn. Lawn care products like this one are better for your lawn and soil because they do not rely on chemicals but are an all natural formula that is safe for pets, children, and wildlife.
  3. Raise your mower blade: If you raise the blade on your lawn mower you will reduce much of your home lawn care. This one step means that you will spend less time mowing your lawn and will have fewer weeds to worry about. You should leave grass at least 3 inches long for the best results.
  4. Increase the number of earthworms: Earthworms are nature’s natural aerators. They keep your soil from becoming too compacted and their castings are a good source of nutrients for your soil. Many people do not care for the slimy look of earthworms but once they are established in your lawn you will never see them at their work. One clean and easy way to increase the earthworms in your lawn is with Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons TM.
  5. Free seasonal reminders Overseed your lawn in the fall: If you have noticed thin areas in your lawn or are trying to switch over to a grass that is better suited to the area you live in then overseeding is the easiest method. If you overseed in the fall you will see the results in the spring when your grass begins to sprout. Not only will your lawn be fuller you will also have less weeds in your lawn. This is an easy home lawn care tip that offers many rewards.
  6. Use a mineral and nutrient supplement in the fall: If you are in an area that experiences drastic temperature changes in the winter months you may want to consider using a product like Winter Blend to help your lawn survive the harsh winter weather.

Following these 6 easy steps to home lawn care will help you to achieve the beautiful green lawn that you deserve.




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