How To Aerate Your Lawn: 6 Ways

How to aerate your lawnWondering how to aerate your lawn? Of the 6 ways to aerate your lawn, three are mechanical, two are natural, and one involves a lot of sweat equity on your part.

For those of you who do not know what aeration means, it is the process of creating paths for air, water, and nutrients to reach your soil. Without proper aeration you are likely to get patchy spots in compacted areas of your lawn. Thatch build up can also be a problem.

  1. Spike aerator: Spike aerators are just what the name implies. These machines drive spikes into the ground to create small holes that air, water, and nutrients can use to penetrate the soil. The main problem with this type of aeration is that it can compact the soil around the holes when the spikes are driven into the ground.
  2. Core aerator: Core aerators are a better choice if you are going to use a mechanical aerator. Core aerators use a hollow tube to slice into the soil removing small plugs of ground. There is less chance of compaction in the soil around these because of the slicing method used. They cut and remove the soil instead of pushing if off to the sides of the holes.
  3. Free seasonal reminders Aerating by hand: Aeration can be done by hand. This is really only recommended for very small lawns. It can become hard labor if your lawn is large. There are some hand tools that work well for this; however, it is hard to get small holes in a consistent depth and spread. If you’re wondering how to aerate your lawn of 200 square feet or less, try this method.
  4. Natural aeration by earthworms: This method is relatively low cost and low labor. Earthworms are nature’s aerators, as they go about their normal lives they create tunnels both throughout the soil and leading up to the air. They also break down organic matter making it easier for roots to absorb the nutrients. There are no known harmful side effects from earthworms, and unless you are replanting you will never even know they are there.
  5. Liquid Lawn Aerator: Use a natural, organic liquid lawn aeration product to quickly and easily break down tough clay and compacted soil after a long winter.
  6. Hire a lawn care company: If you have the money to invest in a lawn care specialist this could be the easiest method of getting the job done: after all, they definitely know how to aerate your lawn! However, it can become expensive very quickly. If you are considering a lawn care firm to aerate your lawn, be sure that you know the facts first so that you are not talked into services that you may not need.

Thatch can be another area where aerating your lawn can be helpful. Thatch is organic build up that is not decomposed it forms layers that are hard for water and nutrients to pass though. When you aerate your lawn you break up the thatch and allow micro organisms to break down the organic matter trapped in the thatch. After aerating you lawn you may want to use an application like Dethatcher which enhances the microbial components in your soil to help break down thatch build-up. It is a safe liquid fertilizer that will not harm pets or children.

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