How To Care For Your Lawn All Year Round

World Of Lawn CareAs you gaze at brown patches of dead grass, do you ponder how to care for your lawn? If so, you’re in good company. Millions of residential and commercial property owners spend countless hours actually hurting their turf with unnecessary chemicals, improper mowing and watering, and other counterproductive efforts. However, the irony is that grass is actually easy to grow and care for when you know the basics of lawn care.

To begin with, you will never have a beautiful lawn until you are sure that you’re using the right type of grass. For more information on what grass to use and when, contact our experts who can provide you with helpful information on how to care for your lawn and choose the right seed varietal.

Fertilizing is frequently the most misunderstood part of lawn care. You don’t need dangerous chemicals to maintain grass. At World of Lawn Care, we recommend the use of only organic fertilizer that can be used safely around pets and children. Cool season grasses will need to be fed in the fall and spring. Warm season grasses need equal feedings in the summer months of June, July, and August.

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When learning how to care for your turf, you’ll also need to understand the basics of mowing. We highly recommend mulching mowers as they return natural nutrients to your lawn. Your blade should be replaced or sharpened every season, and you should never cut more than a third of the lawn’s height when you mow.

Lawn care education also includes understanding how to water wisely. Timing is crucial when it comes to how to care for your lawn. Don’t waste water by watering during the day or early evening. Your prime watering hours are in the early morning when the temperature is cool. Never water in small amounts. A deep soaking is the best way to encourage deep roots and a lush, vibrant turf.

World of Lawn Care is your partner for all of your lawn care needs. We provide a full range of solutions, as well as online tips and resources to help you keep your lawn in great condition all year around. Contact us directly if you’d like more information.

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