How To Get Greener Grass The Smart Way

green grassDo you want to know how to get greener grass without super-sizing your water bill? Then this is the article for you. With a few simple adjustments to how you care for your lawn in the summer, you can keep it from fading in the heat and turning brown. Here are the 5 ways to keep your turf lush.

  1. Water Deeply: Have you ever measured how much water you give your yard? It’s easy to do. Just get a few cups, set them out before watering, and measure how high the water in the cup is. Aim for 1 inch to 1 ½ inches for the best care for your lawn.

    Tip: leave a cup out to measure how much rain you get, so you don’t drive up your water bill unnecessarily.
  2. Watering Once A Week is how to get greener grass with a lot less effort. Less work, more green, what could be more perfect? Why does this work? The root system is encouraged to dig deep for water, protecting it from being shallow and easily dried out by drought and the sun.
  3. Early In The Morning is truly the best time for watering. No, you can’t control when rain falls, but we’re talking about when it’s up to you to do. There are 3 reasons for this. First, you don’t lose as much to evaporation (more water saving). Secondly, the droplets don’t magnify the sun and burn the blades. Finally, evening is a terrible time to water as it promotes mold, fungus, mushrooms, and other diseases in your lawn.
  4. Mowing Care For Your Lawn: Mow it high and every 2 weeks or less. This is how to get greener grass with less effort and better results. Leaving your turf 3 to 3 ½ inches high allows it to shade itself, and protects the roots from the blazing hot sun. Mowing less often gets you and your machinery off the lawn, and gives it a much needed traffic-rest.

    Tip: Keep those lawn mower blades sharp to cut cleanly instead of shredding.
  5. Summer Feeding is crucial to knowing how to get greener grass. What you need here is a liquid summer blend that is designed for the season. Why is liquid so important? Well, first off, so you can apply it while watering, killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Secondly, and more importantly, you want to provide care for your lawn by nourishing the roots. Dry fertilizers tend to sit on top of the turf, and without precisely even spreading, it can burn your turf.

    Extra Cheap Feeding Tip: Leave the grass clippings on the lawn for a free source of nitrogen. Hey, it provides extra shade and moisture-control too.

Work smarter, not harder, to care for your lawn in summer, and save money. With a little time and measuring, you can precisely water your turf and avoid super-sizing your water bill. Water it only once a week, early in the morning, and only if the rain hasn’t provided what’s needed. Cut the grass every couple of weeks, or less, and keep it at least 3 inches high. That’s built-in shade protection for the root system. Feed it right, with liquid summer blend, and lawn clippings, to provide much-needed nourishment. That’s how to get greener grass the smart (and cheaper) way.




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