How to Overseed a Lawn

How to overseed a lawnEven the most beautiful of lawns sometimes need a bit of help; when you understand how to overseed a lawn, you realize that in doing so you are supplying strong new grass to improve your lawn’s vitality. Overseeding (adding grass seed to thicken up bare patches on existing lawns) will give you the lush lawn you are looking for.

Before overseeding your lawn you will have to prepare it for the best results. This is an excellent time to switch over to all-natural organic products for your lawn care. People are realizing that years of chemical lawn care products could be hurting the earth and possibly even contaminating the water they are drinking. Finding natural lawn care products is easier now than ever before as manufacturers cater to the new demand for natural products.

Mature well-cared for lawns:

If you are the proud owners of a mature lawn, then you may be beginning to see signs of thatch build-up. Before considering how to overseed a lawn, you should take the time to aerate and de-thatch your lawn. This will not only give your mature grass better growing conditions it will make it easier for the new grass to sprout. It is best to nip the problem of thatch in the bud before it begins to do serious damage to your well-cared for lawn. Once you have aerated and de-thatched the lawn you need to add a fertilizer and plant food product to ensure that the new seeds will have the nutrients they need to grow healthy. Soil Booster Blend Seaweed Fertilizer is a good choice of an all-natural fertilizer and plant food.

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Intermediate lawn:

Often when buying a house you will find that the lawn has been neglected. This is a great time to learn how to overseed a lawn. You may have to put some work into the lawn like raking and removing debris before overseeding. It is also a good time to take care of creating flower beds and any hardscaping you want to do so that you will know exactly where your lawn will be. There is really no reason to overseed an area that you are going to dig up anyway. Even if you just lay out the outline of the landscape areas that you have in mind it can save you time and money. After you have established where you wish to overseed it is a simple process of securing a really good grass seed for your area. You will probably want to fertilize a week before you spread the grass seed to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into the soil.

New lawns:

New lawns can really benefit from overseeding. No matter how thickly you spread the seeds in the first seeding there will be thin spots and bare spots that you need to repair. Learning how to overseed a lawn can solve all of these problems for you as well as many that you may not have come across yet. When you know how to overseed a lawn you are protecting it from many weeds that try to move in. It is a good idea to create a strategy on how to overseed a lawn for the first couple of years. You can speed up this process by overseeding in both spring and fall to create a full lush lawn.




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