Getting Started on Indoor Container Gardening

indoor container gardeningIf you are interested in growing a few plants in your home but you don’t have a lawn or a garden, there is an alternative that you can resort to: Indoor Container Gardening. Think of this as a miniaturized version of a garden that you can do inside your home. So if you are living in a tight apartment, you have the option to grow your own plants through this gardening method.

In a nutshell, container gardening is considered as a very convenient type of gardening within or around the premises of your home. Whether or not you are doing this as a hobby or professional business, this method can bring out your creativity. The reason for this is because it requires a lot of thinking and planning.

To start with, the creation and design of your very own container garden in the limited space available to you is already considered as an art. If you can thoroughly map out the different areas in your home, you might just be able to turn your home into a beautiful oasis! However, there are several issues you need to consider just like with outdoor gardening.


One of the key things you need to be aware of is that with indoor container gardening, you will have to make sure you select the right space in your home that provides the maximum exposure to sunlight. If you have a patio or a balcony, you can place your plant there so it will be naturally exposed to sunlight. You can also choose to place your plant on a large window’s ledge. Deciding in which part of the home you will place your plant is crucial for the other considerations you have to make.

Size and Shape

After you have decided where you will be placing your indoor container gardening, the next thing you need to tend to is the size and shape of your flower pots and containers. The first issue of location is important to this because the space that's available will be your guide in deciding how many plants you can maintain in your home. At the same time, you have to make sure you have chosen pots which are not too small for your plants.

The key in buying your flower pot is that you have to make sure that the plant will not grow wider than its container. Simultaneously, it should not be too tall to be in proportion to your container’s height. Allow just a single tall plant or flower per pot and place it in the middle. Also, make sure you put just one trailing plant along with its filler.

If you have chosen an area where you can grow several plants, you have to make sure that the pots look well coordinated. By doing so, you are allowing your little garden to look really good. Even if you have a small home, you can still grow your plants, thanks to this alternative gardening method. Just make sure you tend to your plants properly!

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