Right Way to Use Lawn Aerators

Free seasonal remindersWith so many different items that you need for proper lawn care, knowing which one you need can be a difficulty. But one thing you can find useful is to have lawn aerators in your shed. This is because this piece of garden equipment will be able to help make your lawn look healthy and vibrant.

The task of aerating your lawn is required once or twice every year. This is so the air and water can be aided in getting through your grass’ root system. In order for you to know that your lawn needs to be aerated, there are 2 ways to do this. The first is when your lawn looks like unhealthy.

You can also find out if your soil is over compacted by cutting a small slice at the end of the lawn using a spade. If you have done the second task, you can check to see whether or not the roots of the grass are the correct length which they should be.

Once the length of the root is very thin and short, it is a clear sign of over compaction. For this, you will need to aerate your lawn to help you relieve the problem.

When using an aerator, remove the small round cores that can be found throughout your lawn. This is so you can have holes in your lawn. As a result, there will be an ample supply of air and water that is enough to penetrate and provide nutrients which your grass will need in order to grow healthily.

In order to get the most out of your lawn aerator equipment, make sure that your lawn is slightly damp. This is so the aerator will be allowed to penetrate deep into the required depth. The end result will yield a healthy looking lawn that will be the envy of many.

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