The 5 Things You Need To Know To
Choose The Right Lawn Blower

Use a lawn blower to blow away fallen leavesTools and equipment that save you time and make life easier are only useful if you pick the right one for the job. Buying too small means frustration and buying too big is a waste. By looking at these 5 most important points, you'll be able to make the best choice for your needs in a lawn blower.

Benefits of having a blower: Raking has its place, but if you have large amounts of leaves and a large yard, it's not practical. Blowing will save you time, blisters, and back aches. Plus, it's not just for yards. Driveways and sidewalks can be cleared, not just of leaves, but light snow too. Gutters can be cleared out much quicker and easier with a lawn blower.

Gas powered or electric: The choice here is not just about freedom from a long cord or recharging the battery before you're finished; it's also about power. Gas powered is more powerful than electric, and when leaves are wet and heavy, power makes all the difference. Unless your yard is small enough for an electric to last long enough on a single charge or for the cord to reach all of your property, and if you don't have a lot of leaves, your best bet is gas-powered.

Back Pack Style vs. Walk Behind Models: This is the most important decision money-wise because of the difference in price. If a back pack is going to be too heavy for you physically, the choice is clear. A back pack model is more precise and the wheeled models are more powerful. Decide which works best for your lifestyle and needs before you buy, and avoid wasting money on a lawn blower that's not right for you.

Noise Level: Some areas have by-laws that restrict the noise level. Find out what the rules are where you live, and add that to your list of what you need to check for in the specs. With any lawn blower, you will need to wear ear protection, but the decibel level can vary widely from machine to machine.

Bells & Whistles: Take a look at the choices, and see what's important to you. Find out how easy it is to start and what type of fuel is used. There are self-propelled wheeled units, and back pack units with venting, vibration control, cruise control, and more. Decide which will add to your comfort and ease before you invest.

By taking a little time to think about what your needs and wants are first before buying, you can avoid wasting your money. Buying a machine that's not powerful enough to do what you need is just as wasteful as something that's too much. This is a tool for cleaning your yard and making it easier for you. If it's not comfortable or powerful enough, it's not any better than raking by hand. After taking into consideration these 5 points, you'll have the right lawn blower for you.

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