Lawn Care Bidding Advice For New Lawn Care Professionals

World Of Lawn CareLawn care bidding can be one of the most daunting tasks for a new lawn care contractor. With a variety of ways to charge for services and the need to stay competitive in the market, it can be a challenge for both new and more experienced business owners to bid the right amount to win the job.

The first thing to do is to walk the property and evaluate the scope of the work needed. Note those things that might require additional work or attention and gauge the overall time it will take you to care for the lawn itself.

While more seasoned companies can afford to offer their customers an hourly rate for lawn care, a new provider is better off charging for specific services. This suggests that you’re quoting on providing quality work, rather than just time spent on the property. Of course, you can calculate your fee based upon your hourly rate, but you don’t need to provide these pricing details to your customer.

World Of Lawn CareAs you become more experienced with this process, you may want to begin charging per square foot. Usually, contractors calculate this as cost per 1,000 square feet and have specific pricing for mowing, fertilizing, aerating, seeding, and trimming. To use this type of lawn care bidding, you will need a measuring wheel for calculating square footage and will need to have a good understanding of how much it costs you to operate your business.

Bidding becomes more important as you begin to tackle larger jobs or transition into commercial accounts. Many novice lawn care business owners often make the mistake of bidding appropriately to make a profit on small residential projects but then under price themselves on larger jobs. This is often due to miscalculating the time it takes to mow a property.

Accurate bidding that enables you to cover your business costs and hit your profit margin is a fundamental aspect to achieving success. At World of Lawn Care, we’re helping small lawn care businesses reach their goals and find success. Take the time to explore our comprehensive website and check back often as we continue to add new features, solutions, and products. Do you have questions about lawn care bidding - contact us today.

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