Lawn Care Business Names Helpful Tips

World Of Lawn CareWhat are successful lawn care business names? Those that bring in business!

Sounds simple, and it’s true. The most successful brand names are not complicated or difficult to pronounce. Rather, they’re simple, memorable, and easy to spell. How can you develop a lawn name that will help you start your business off on the right foot? Here are five tips you need to know:

Don’t create your lawn care business name ideas in a vacuum. Instead, enlist the help of your friends, family, and colleagues for a brainstorming session to develop some concepts. You’ll be able to run your ideas past the others, and they just might have some great ideas of their own.

Keep It Memorable
A-1 Lawn Care might get you top placement in the phone book, but it’s a name that no one, including potential customers, will remember. Be creative and consider only those names that are catchy enough to remember.

Think of a Visual Element
We all are wired to visualize language, and colorful, creative names will pop into our heads far more than those that have no point of reference. For lawn care business names, certainly adjectives such as green, lush, vibrant, healthy, expert, and professional will conjure up images in your customers’ minds.

Tell A Story
Words can have a dramatic impact on how we feel about something. If you’re focusing on providing service exclusively to residential customers, you may want to make your choice of a name more folksy and down-home sounding. However, if you are targeting commercial accounts, you’re better off with a name that defines you as a strong professional entity in your industry. Either way, make sure that your name is consistent with your market, customers, and with your future business goals

Keep It Short
For a variety of reasons, you don’t want a name that is overly long. It may be descriptive to call yourself the “Northern Community Lawn Care and Landscaping Group” but you’ll soon tire of writing it out on every document, invoice, application, and receipt. And, forget about using this cumbersome name in advertising and on marketing pieces. Keep a name that’s short enough to fit well onto a business card and one that you can easily roll off of your tongue in little time. Remember, you may just want to secure the domain name for it when you expand to having an online presence, and a long name to type simply won’t work.

Remember, before you settle on a lawn care business name, you’ll need to register it for business purposes. So, make sure to have a couple of strong alternatives in case your first choice is already taken. Hopefully, you’ll find the name that will serve your business well now and for many years to come!

You can count on World of Lawn Care to help you get started with your lawn care business with a variety of tools, solutions, and expert advice. Contact us today to find out more!

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