Lawn Care Business Plan - Your Roadmap To Success

World Of Lawn CareA lawn care business plan is something that every startup lawn care business and independent contractor should complete before starting business. Careful planning, including the development of a business plan is fundamental to the success of any business, especially those involved in lawn care.

A well organized and thought out lawn care business plan can serve as your written guide to starting and running business and will be an on-going work in progress as you grow. It is also necessary if you are requiring loans or other types of financing.

As with any business plan for small businesses, there are specific components that need to be mapped out before you find your first customer. The essentials of a business plan include:

Executive Summary
An executive summary serves as an overview of the entire plan and includes this history of your company. Often, business owners will also incorporate into this section a mission statement, details about the founders, description of services, and a summary of market highlights and future plans for growth.

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Market Analysis
The market analysis is the section of the lawn care business plan where you can discuss your specific knowledge of your market and industry. This is where you can discuss trends and growth rates, your target market, and how you’ll gain market share.

Organization and Management
Will you be a sole proprietor or will you have a crew that will be helping you? Detail everyone involved in the business in the organization and management section.

Marketing and Sales Strategies
Your business has little chance for success unless you have a plan for marketing and sales. Define your marketing strategy for starting and growing your business. Describe what methods you’ll use for direct sales, advertising, and public relations.

Will you be only mowing lawns or offering full-scale landscaping services? Explain the who, what, where, and why of your service offerings.

This section of your lawn care plan should not be written until you’ve completely analyzed your market and have established your goals. Include financial data such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and projections for the future.

This section is often necessary if you’re applying for funding for your business. The appendix includes items such as your credit history, letters of reference, licenses and permits, legal documents, contracts, and lists of business consultants, attorneys, or accountants.

World of Lawn Care is dedicated to helping individuals write start successful lawn care businesses. In the coming months, we will be adding many new business tools and resources to help you succeed. If you have a question about a lawn care business plan or other aspect of your lawn care, contact us today.

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