Your Own Lawn Care Business In Five Steps

World Of Lawn CareHave you considered starting your own lawn care business? Well, if you’re an entrepreneurial individual who wants the freedom to set your own hours, be your own boss, and generate considerable income, establishing your own business that specializes in lawn care could be your answer to achieving your goals.

Of course, there is much you’ll need to learn before you get started. The following five steps will set you on the right track to maximize your chances of finding success with your own lawn care business.

Plan Ahead
Before you sign up your first customer, all lawn companies need a name and a business license. A catchy slogan is always great to have, and of course, you’ll need to figure out overall business and marketing strategies. These guidelines will define how you’ll run your venture and how you’ll generate business. Of course, all successful businesses need a strong business resource. At World of Lawn Care, we are dedicated to helping lawn care contractors of all sizes find success through proven strategies and solutions.

Choose Your Equipment
Next, you’ll need to determine what equipment to purchase to get started. Most lawn care companies use trailers to haul blowers, trimmers, edgers, mowers, aerators, and other pieces of equipment to their customers’ locations. Make sure to choose your suppliers carefully and find out about warranties, service, and repair options so that you’re not left hanging with malfunctioning equipment when you need to work.

Determine Your Capabilities
Will you be starting with a small hand mower and very little in the way of other equipment? If so, you’re smart to limit your work to residential properties that require only front and backyard maintenance. While larger commercial jobs can certainly pay more, you’ll also need more expensive equipment to successfully complete them.

Budget Your Time
Will you be first obtaining lawn care business contracts while you are still employed in another job? Or, will you be jumping into the game as a full-time lawn care business. Either way, figure out the hours that you want to work and need to work to turn a profit. As well, make sure to budget time for the administrative work that you’ll have to perform as the owner of your own business. Marketing, accounting, contracts, and payroll (if you have employees) will all require a certain amount of hours every month.

Set Your Price
The easiest way to charge for your services is to set a flat fee and increase those fees according to the specifics of the work. If there are complexities such as different levels, lots of corners, or stairs, you’ll want to make sure to increase your rate to compensate you for the extra work involved.

At World of Lawn Care, we’re here to help you when you’re ready to start your own lawn care business. Would you like to learn more? Give us a call directly at 1-866-399-5562.

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