Lawn Care Calendar Tips to Get You Through

Maintain your lawn care calendar with these fertilizersIf you are putting up a lawn care business, it is important to know when the best time to operate is. This is why you need to have a lawn care calendar to help you identify what your busy days are as well as the days when you will not be having as much customers. To this, here is an 8 month calendar which will give you a slight idea on what type of job will be required from you during the corresponding months they belong to.


Although this is usually one of the months where the gardener can be lazy and still get away with it, it is equally a good time to go and see how much work winter has caused for the lawn of your clients. This is also a good time when you can have your lawn mower serviced so that you can have it ready when you need it already.


This is the perfect time that you can give the first cut on the lawn. However, make sure you maintain grass growth to within 1 inch. You can also apply a weed and feed to the lawn. After 3 weeks, you can start raking out the dead and drying weeds and moss.


During this time in the lawn care calendar, it is a good idea to add grass seed to the bare patches. This is also the good time when the soil can be improved by forking some holes. The cutting blades of your lawn mower can be lowered to around ¾ inch.


This is the month where regular mowing is needed.


It is recommended that you mow your lawn at least once every week. Mowing in different directions can help strengthen the blades.


Apply a second dose of weed and feed to keep your grass healthy. Rake out and seed the bare spots. Don’t cut your lawn so close since it can go brown.


During this time of the lawn calendar, focus on keeping your lawn free of mosses.

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