Lawn Care Direct Mail Secrets

World Of Lawn CareLawn care direct mail is one of the most powerful forms of marketing that a small landscaping business can utilize to attract new customers. Interestingly, many business owners shy away from using direct mail because it is notoriously known for not having a good response rate. However, there are several secrets to direct mail that can dramatically improve its effectiveness.

Create the Right Message
At the heart of any successful lawn care mail campaign is a well-crafted message that grabs your readers’ attention and communicates how you can solve their problems or satisfy their needs. Don’t rely on cliché terms that everyone else is using. Be creative and make it a goal to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Use an Eye-Catching Format
With a box full of junk mail, your prospects will only notice your piece if it is somehow different. Don’t just send a standard sales letter stapled haphazardly and bulk mailed. This is a recipe for having your direct mail piece thrown immediately away. Instead, consider handwriting envelopes and using first-class stamps so that your letter looks personal in nature.

Stress Benefits in Letter Content
One mistake that many business owners make when sending a lawn care mail piece is that they highlight capabilities but don’t detail the benefits. Prospects assume that you know how to mow lawns, fertilize, and seed, but what they want to know is what they will receive from choosing your service. Will you deliver peace of mind? Will you be professional or save them money? Do you offer a guarantee on your services? If so, spell it out for those who will be reading your lawn care direct mail piece.

Don’t Mail Only Once
Direct mail should be something that you continue to do to stay in the forefront of your prospects’ minds. In fact, you’ll be far more likely to win customers if you initiate a campaign of multiple letters sent in a fairly short amount of time. You might not get any response on the first letter, but your numbers will dramatically increase by letters two and three.

There are many marketing opportunities for lawn care professionals from listings in a lawn care directory or phone book to newspaper and radio advertisements. However, a well thought out, smartly executed lawn care direct mail campaign can be your best tool for delivering your sales message directly to potential customers.

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