The Lawn Care Equipment That You Need To Start Your Business

The right lawn care equipment is a very important component to the successful launch of any lawn care business. You can spend many thousands of dollars up front on equipment, but if funds are limited, you can start with a few basic pieces to tackle most jobs.

What lawn care equipment will you definitely need right away:

World Of Lawn CareVehicle
You’ll require a vehicle from day one of your business. Ideally, a truck is your best choice as you can use it for carrying equipment and hauling away debris. However, many businesses have started with just a car. The main thing is that the vehicle must be reliable enough to get you to your customers’ locations.

Particularly if you are just starting with a car but also if you have a small truck, you will need a small to mid-size trailer to haul your equipment. There are two main types of trailers – open and enclosed. Both are suitable. If you decide to buy a used trailer, make sure to check lights, wiring, tires, safety chains, and wheel bearings before decide to purchase.

There are many different types of lawn mowers from eco-friendly push and electric mowers to self-propelled, gas mowers and riding mowers. All will get the job done, but there are dramatic differences in their prices and speed in which they cut grass. Consider the types of lawns you’ll be mowing when you decide on a specific model.

If you’ll be offering lawn edging as one of your services, you’ll need a trimmer/edger in your lawn care equipment arsenal. They come in gas, battery, and electric models. Look for one that’s lightweight and easy to handle, but durable enough to use every day.

For a blower, the key is not to buy one that is more powerful than you need. More power just translates into more noise, weight, and pollution. The four basic types are cordless electric, corded electric, handheld gas, and backpack gas. Most lawn care professionals choose a backpack gas leaf blower because of its ease of use in larger yards.

Of course, there are many other types of lawn care equipment that you may need to acquire as your business grows including a spreader for fertilizing and seeding, an aerator, and irrigation repair tools. However, these basics are enough to get started.

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