Write A Lawn Care Flyer For Business Success

World Of Lawn CareA simple, well-written and reviewed lawn care flyer is the ideal way to start marketing your new lawn care business.

Too often, lawn care business owners start by writing a lawn care document that is overly complicated with too many options, freebies, and discounts. However, the best marketing piece is simple, particularly for those just starting out. By focusing on only what you can offer and how the reader can contact you, you are creating the fewest barriers between you and your customer. And, it goes without saying that any flyer that you distribute must be checked very carefully for typos and grammatical errors. Besides a flyer, you will also want to have a lawn care business card that you can pass out to prospective customers. Again, it doesn’t need to be overly detailed or wordy. It just needs to give your business name, your name, and contact information. As you grow, you may also want to add a logo for your lawn care business that you can use on both the business card and the flyer.

With all marketing pieces for lawn care businesses, it’s always better to stick to the basics and be honest about what your capabilities are. Do you only provide service to residential property owners? That’s ok. Focus on this niche and provide the details that will get them to choose you. Don’t feel obligated to tackle unfamiliar markets or promote service offerings that you don’t have the skills or equipment to do. Instead, play up what makes you different and unique, even if it’s the just the fact that you have a business that only mows lawns!

Finally, as a new business hoping to grow your business with a lawn care flyer and a business card, find a reliable company that can help you with your marketing and business solutions. At World of Lawn Care, we provide a variety of development tools for new lawn care businesses. To find out more about how to create a flyer, send us an email today!

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