Remove Lawn Care Grubs From Your Turf

World Of Lawn CareLawn care grubs can be a real nuisance by causing unsightly brown patches on your turf.

Grubs are the larvae of a group of beetles that includes Japanese beetles, June beetles, and masked chafers. Though, these little pests all have their own characteristics, they are known for collectively damaging grass from mid-summer until late fall.

Even for experts in lawn care, lawn care grubs can be difficult to initially identify as often the grass looks like it’s just not getting enough water. As they nibble on the roots of a lawn, turf can slowly begin to wilt, turn brown, and then die off in large patches. How can you identify grub damage? The telltale signs are patches of dead grass that roll back like loose carpet. Often times, you won’t see the extent of the damage until the late summer or early fall when the larvae have reached adulthood.

World Of Lawn CareIf you are responsible for your home’s lawn care and grubs are causing your lawn to fail, you need to first restore the health of your lawn by watering and mowing properly and controlling weeds. Overwatering can increase the presence of grubs by creating conditions optimal for their egg laying and development. Instead, irrigate only as needed with occasional deep soakings.

The ironic component of lawn care and grubs is that grass that is heavily cared for might actually be more likely to be damaged by the larvae than a more naturally maintained lawn. Since they prefer moist lawns and close-cropped grass, the perfectly mowed and watered lawn is more appealing to grubs than the one that is slightly overgrown.

There are many insecticides that can be used to curb a grub problem, but there are natural alternatives that are equally as effective. Predatory nematodes, which are small worms, are the most common natural combatant to grubs. They work by attacking a broad spectrum of soil dwelling larvae of pest insects. Ideally, nematodes should be introduced to a lawn in Mid-July through September for maxim efficacy. Certain types of wasps are also used to parasitize grubs.

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