Lawn Care Guide to a Beautiful Yard

lawn care guide for a beautiful yardIn order to have a beautiful yard you have to know when to plant what items and also when you should provide your plants, flowers and vegetation with food and water. Knowing everything that needs to be done in order to have vibrant green grass, a beautiful flower garden bursting with blooms, and healthy fruit and vegetable plants in your garden can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are fairly new to the process of lawn care and planting. Therefore it is always good to have a resourceful guide on hand that you can refer back to whenever you run into a problem or concern that you do not know how to address.

World of Lawn has a seasonal lawn care guide that customers can sign up for and receive helpful advice that will allow them to keep their lawns looking great all season long. This is an excellent resource that will help you figure out when the best time to plant new grass seed would be, how often you should water your shrubs and flowers and when you should apply fertilizer to your grass or vegetable garden. You can also find out more details on what type of fertilizer is the very best to use for your lawn type and information on how to treat your soil so that it will provide your plants with the nutrients that they desperately need.

Grass Lawn Care Guide

It is important that you choose the right type of grass seed that will grow well in the location that you live in. Different types of grass seed works well in different types of climates and therefore grass that grows well in the southern states of the U.S. would not do good in the North Eastern states. Once you have chosen the right type of grass, you will need to decide on the type of fertilizer that you want to use. World of Lawn Care creates some of the very best all natural lawn fertilizers in the industry so that you can have a yard that is flourishing with strong grass and vibrant plants while keeping your family and pets safe at the same time.

Fertilizer Lawn Care Guide

It is best to apply fertilizer when you first plant your seeds. The amount of times and frequency that you re-apply your fertilizer typically depends on the type of plant you are applying it to. Grass seed will usually need to have fertilizer reapplied at least four times per year if granular fertilizer is used and more frequently if liquid fertilizer is used.

Liquid fertilizer is an excellent choice even if it requires more applications because it allows the grass to grow evenly over time so that you have a nice and neat lawn all spring and summer long. It is important that you do not mow your lawn too often as this will strip the grass blades of their nutrients and could end up killing your grass very quickly. Cut your grass about 1/3 of the blade when mowing so that you do not end up chopping off too much of the blade at one time.




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