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World Of Lawn CareThere are lawn care home remedies that can help you grow a healthy looking lawn while enabling you to also protect the environment. While we specialize in offering a variety of products and services, we also highly encourage homeowners to experiment with home remedies for lawn care that can work in conjunction with commercial solutions.

The easiest homemade recipe for lawn care that all homeowners should be concocting in their yard is compost that can be applied two to three times a year. It’s a safe alternative to chemical-based fertilizer that you can make for free. And, compost has the added benefits of not burning your grass or staining your concrete as many other fertilizers can and often do.

To make your own compost, you will need to start with a container such as a large garbage bag, pail, barrel, or bin. Place the container in the shade, and ideally near a hose. Any organic material can be composted, so start by placing your grass clippings, leaves, and dead plants into the bin. Add kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, scraps of fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, and egg shells. However, to avoid an influx of rodents or other animals, avoid adding meat or dairy products into your compost. For the ideal compost, you should have three times as much high-carbon material such as leaves and twigs as you do high-nitrogen material like grass clippings, manure, fruits, and vegetables. To speed up decomposition, shred material before you add to pile.

Free seasonal remindersComposting requires a layering of composting material, weekly turning of the pile, and regular watering to maintain moist conditions that are beneficial for decomposition. You can expect that if you properly maintain your compost pile, you will have compost ready to spread on your lawn in about six to 12 months.

Among all of the lawn care home remedies out there, composting is one of the best and most useful. It’s not only cost-effective and easy to make, it’s also good for your lawn and the environment. If you have questions or need more information about composting or any other homeowner lawn care issue, send us an email. Our expert team is happy to help you.

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