Lawn Care In Summer: What Can
You Do When It Is So Hot?

World Of Lawn CareDo you know proper lawn care in summer that will help, even in the hottest and driest of seasons? Or do you just throw your hands up, and attempt watering when it looks brown and dry? There are simple ways to help protect and defend your grass, even with too much sun and not enough rain. Really, it is very easy with these summer lawn care tips.

Shade: Just like all of us, your grass gets a huge benefit when you protect it from the sun. No, this does not mean you need to put up a huge umbrella over your yard! You see, the roots are what really need the shade more than any other part of the plant. So, for lawn care in summer, you want to mow it high, so that the blades are 3 to 3 ½ inches tall. Presto, you are now giving the roots the shade they so desperately need.

Water: Here, you need to think like a plant, not like a human, for the next summer lawn care tips. Where people need to drink water often, and enjoy running through the sprinkler on a hot day, grass needs a completely different approach.

First off, lawn care in summer means you should water early in the morning. Why? Water droplets on the blades acts like a magnifying glass for the sun and will actually burn the grass. Plus, you lose so much of the moisture to evaporation in the heat of the day, that when water is scarce, this is a waste. Secondly, those roots stretch and reach down deep only with encouragement.

How do you help them dig down deep? The best of summer lawn care tips is to water only once a week, but make it a very deep watering, giving the yard an inch to 1 ½ inches of water.

Rest: How do you give you grass a rest? Summer lawn care tips for this is easy. Stay off the grass as much as possible. This includes mowing. Cut back to once every 2, or even 3 weeks, for running the mower. Instead of just hanging out in your yard all day, go to a park or tourist spot and enjoy the season while giving your turf the rest it needs.

Food: Lawn care in summer includes proper feeding. It’s amazing how many people think it perfectly okay to just feed twice a year! Not so, turf needs nourishment in this season, too. The key here is to use a liquid fertilizer, so as not to burn the blades, and to use a summer blend made for this time of year.

Other Summer Lawn Care Tips:

  • Sharpen Your Mower Blades: So you cut the blades of grass, instead of shredding them. A clean cut is always better.
  • Mulch: Don’t throw out your grass clippings. Leave them on the lawn, or better yet, use a mulching mower. This provides shade and nutrition for your turf.
  • Weed: Brush a little vinegar on weeds to kill them easily and fuss-free. Re-apply after rain or watering.

How simple is that? Mow high and less often. Water deeply once a week. Rest more, and feed with clippings and a liquid fertilizer. For the best-looking turf, it’s actually a lot less work to provide lawn care in summer!




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