Renewable Lawn Care Landscape Tips

Lawn Care LandscapeWhile most people consider a typical lawn care landscape to be a beautiful green lawn, there are other people who think that a lawn should have more character. Strange as it may seem some people actually do not think big green lawns are attractive. So for the benefit of people who want to avoid as much lawn mowing as possible, here are some lawn care landscaping tips.

If you are looking for a beautiful yard without all the maintenance involved in keeping it looking trim, then you have probably already considered hardscaping. This can reduce the amount of grass that needs to be maintained throughout the summer, but it can end up leaving the yard looking a little sterile.

Consider extending the patio or deck into a wandering stone path between flower beds. You may be thinking that flower beds involve even more work than mowing grass, but you are wrong. It just depends on the plants you put in the flower beds. Renewable lawn care landscaping is all about perennials.

You can tie it all together by creating the beds out of the same material as your deck or patio is made of, or you can change it up and use a totally different material. What you plant in the beds is the important factor. If you are creating a deep bed, or a circular bed, you may want to center it with a blossoming tree or bush. This gives your bed a focus, then you can add color with a variety of perennials that are native to your area to reduce the amount of watering that will be needed.

Free seasonal remindersThe reason for the perennials is that they will grow back each spring with little or no care on your part. Although a treatment with Kelp Meal in the spring would be beneficial. This is an easy to use product that is all natural and increases the texture and fertility of your soil as well as helping it to retain water. Retaining water means that you do not have to water as often during dry periods. Perennials are available in many varieties of blossoming and foliage plants so you can customize your garden area to suit your personality.

This solution to a low maintenance yard will make you the envy of the neighborhood. The lawn care landscape is considered a frame for the beauty of nature and you are rewarded with a gorgeous yard that all your friends will want to spend time in.

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