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World Of Lawn CareA lawn care logo provides your customers with a visual representation of what your company is all about. It can be used on marketing materials from your business card and brochures to uniforms and vehicle signs. Regardless of what image you decide to use, it should be a smart representation of what you want to project in terms of your image.

A logo can be black and white, colorful, big or small. It should reflect what you’re all about now and also what you hope to be in the future. Many lawn care businesses choose to use a symbol that is associated with the outdoors such as a tree, flowers, or a lawn mower. Others prefer a more stylized, abstract design.

When deciding on a logo design for your business, there are several decisions that should be considered before you make your final selection.

What not to do:
Overly busy logos that are too detailed and complex should be avoided. They do not work well on small spaces like business cards and often appear cheap and unprofessional-looking.

Do not use a lawn care logo that is too similar to a competitor’s design. Not only will it confuse potential customers, it could cause you a legal headache, as well.

Don’t continuously update your logo. Customers want to see consistency in your brand identity. Even if you’re keeping the same name, repeated logo design changes can confuse prospective customers and draw attention to the fact that you’re not stable in your decision making.

What to do:
Choose a design that is consistent with your market. Consider their lifestyles, habits, and preferences.

Review your competitors lawn care logos first so that you can get an idea of what’s already in the market. Ask yourself what is good about their designs and what could be improved upon.

Only select a design that you’re ready to commit to. A logo is something that you’ll be utilizing hopefully for years as a way to communicate your company’s brand identity. Make sure that you’re 100% enthusiastic about it before you decide to incorporate it as your image.

For more lawn care business development tips, check out the many helpful pages on World of Lawn Care. In the coming months, we will be adding even more useful ideas and resources, as well as products and services to help you achieve your business goals. And, if you have specific questions about lawn care brand design, contact us directly.

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