Residential Lawn Care Maintenance To Improve
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World Of Lawn CareLawn care maintenance is an essential component to your home’s curbside appearance. Brown patches, dead grass, and unsightly weeds can all send a clear message to your neighbors that you are not keeping up on necessary landscaping. To protect the overall value of your home and keep good relations with your neighbors, lawn care maintenance isn’t just helpful, it’s a must.

Fortunately, maintaining your lawn isn’t as difficult as you think – especially when you have a knowledgeable resource like World of Lawn Care. We have a wide variety of solutions for turning your lawn from an eyesore into the envy of your neighbors.

At the heart of any maintenance plan is fertilization. Feeding your soil and grass is essential for growing lush, green turf. Before you head to a local retailer to pick up a bag of standard commercial fertilizer that is loaded with toxic chemicals, do your lawn and your entire environment a benefit by selecting an organic fertilizer. These natural, slow-release fertilizers produce much better results and are safe to be used around children and pets. They also don’t produce toxic runoff that pollutes your community’s water supply.

Free seasonal remindersOf course, we can help you with much more than fertilizing. We have all the information you need regarding watering, seeding, aeration, and lawn treatments. We can help you save money with smart watering tips and can even help you rid your lawn of pests safely without the use of dangerous pesticides. Contact us directly to find out more.

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