Establishing Lawn Care Prices for Your Business

World Of Lawn CareDetermining your lawn care prices and providing accurate quotes is vital to any lawn care business. Before you sign up your first customer, you’ll definitely need to develop a pricing model that will position you as a competitive and viable business in your community.

The following tips can help you establish an effective lawn care pricing model that will help you increase the likelihood of you succeeding in the industry:

Determine How Much to Charge per Square Foot
While many small contractors who never learned how to quote lawn care simply throw out figures to potential customers. Successful business owners know that they need a factor to determine profitability. Cost per square foot is the best way to do this.

How much should you charge per square foot? Call several local lawn care contractors and ask them for pricing based upon the measured size of a lawn. Reputable companies should be able to give you a rough quote right away. Once you have a baseline of what the others are charging for aerating, fertilizing, and mowing per square foot, establish your own pricing that is in line with the others.

Don’t Be the Cheapest
Of course, as a new company, it doesn’t make sense to price your services to high. But, it is just as bad of an idea to have the cheapest lawn care prices. Potential customers will naturally be wary of “too good to be true” pricing that raises flags of lack of credibility and quality. The best pricing strategy is always to be somewhere in the middle to slightly above the pack to position your company as a provider of high quality service.

Keep Track of Your Business Costs
Unlike when you’re an employee for someone else’s company, you will now need to understand all of the costs that are associated with your business. Yes, you’ll have the basic expenses of equipment and products. However, you’ll also need to determine your labor costs which don’t just include the time you’re providing lawn care. You’ll also need to factor in time for administrative duties, marketing efforts, phone calls to customers, and other tasks. Further, you’ll need to include the costs for other business-related costs such as insurance, taxes, and business investment.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to develop lawn care prices that will help you turn a profit and stay competitive in the market. Remember, your success will always be determined on the quality of service that you provide. For more information on setting lawn care prices or starting your own lawn care business, contact us directly today!

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